About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Nicole Wilfinger has been licensed in the hair care industry for +23 years and has worked as a stylist in well-known local salons and at her home. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010 and underwent chemotherapy that resulted in complete hair loss. During this very challenging time, she discovered wearing wigs as a way to maintain her identity and confidence while fighting her battle with cancer. She found that the wigs made an amazing difference in the way she felt about herself and found great joy in wearing them.  So much so that she felt inspired to create a place for women that share the very difficult experience of losing their hair.

And so in 2014, Elizabeth Nicole Wig Studio was born. Her goal is to provide a comfortable private atmosphere with caring and empathetic staff that can assist women in rediscovering themselves in the face of hair loss. She wanted women to have the opportunity to turn a very difficult issue into a positive experience by providing everything the guidance, products, and support to rediscover themselves through wearing wigs. Women have come to The Studio and have been so grateful to find Elizabeth to help them look great and feel good.

Elizabeth is always happy to hear your stories and assist you in finding your new look.